The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti

Gigglebug / Zodiak Kids

> TV Show
50 x 11 min
SERVICE : Preproduction / Layout / Animation / Rigg / Compositing

12-year-old Osmo and his dad move from the beach to live with their distant cousins in the quirky town of Winterton, where it snows all-year-round, and monsters are strictly forbidden. While exploring his strange new home with his no-nonsense cousin Rita, the two of them form an unlikely friendship with a 6 ft tall yellow yeti called Gustav – who is an unstoppable giant goofball. Together, the fearless cousins help keep Gustav hidden from Osmo’s monster-loathing uncle, the bureaucratic Mayor Chrome, while exploring all the adventures their frozen home has to offer.


Directed by : Anttu Harlin, Joonas Utti
Commissioned by : DISNEY EMEA