Hubert & Takako


> TV show
Service : Animation

78×7'. Season 1. 2012/2013. 8-12 year olds. Comedy.


Broadcasters: Canal +, Gulli, Canal J, MTVOY (Finland), VRT (Belgium), Disney (Japan, South America, Australia, New Zealand), Nickelodeon (India)

Producer: Xilam


Any pig would eventually get used to the company of a fly, but in Hubert's case, things are more complicated... After all, our hero does aim to become the archetype of the modern, neat and tidy pig. So you see, that fly that just won't leave him alone is a bit out of place... A real go-getter but also an airhead, Takako is that little glitch in Hubert's perfectly organized life. Worst, she loves him as he is. But isn't that what true friendship is all about?


Director and creator: Hugo Gittard

Graphic designers: Cécile Thomas, Amélie Degouys